cozy terrace

A cosy terrace is like a second living room. And since summer won’t let us down this year either, we have put together the best tips and ideas to make your stay outdoors even more pleasant and enjoyable for you, your family and your guests.


Cosy terrace yes, break with style no

Regardless of ideas and accessories that make your terrace cosy and really inviting, you should choose a basic style. In our article “Terrace design – Ideas & Tips”, we have clearly compiled the most beautiful concepts for you. In the following, on the other hand, we will concentrate on the small details and unusual patio furniture that will give your outdoor area an atmospheric feel-good atmosphere.


Lounge furniture

Comfortable lounge furniture has top priority if you want to create a cosy terrace that invites you to linger like a second living room. Because as practical as the outdoor dining table and matching chairs for the barbecue evening are – hours of sitting and “grooving” is only possible to a limited extent. Just as in the living room, comfortable and convenient upholstered furniture should also be available outside. Important in this context: The lounge furniture must necessarily be distinguished for use outdoors. The comfortable lounge furniture from the premium manufacturer conmoto, for example, is ideally suited for outdoor use. Weatherproof and weather-resistant materials form the basis of the corpuses here, while the removable upholstery elements can be quickly stowed away should rain announce itself. Our tip: Get yourself an appropriate chest. If, on the other hand, the terrace is (partially) roofed, the upholstery can withstand almost unlimited outdoor use. You can set further accents with additional cushions or blankets in quiet, cosy colours (e.g. muted chimney red).


Sun protection

Not only in the blazing midday heat: good sun protection on the terrace is a must. It must not only provide shade to prevent heatstroke or sunburn, but also to allow undisturbed communication between guests sitting opposite each other, so that nobody has to look at the sun. There are many ways to provide a cosy terrace with adequate sun protection. From umbrellas in all conceivable sizes and formats to permanently installed canopies, arbours and pavilions and stylish sun sails that remind you of your holiday on Ibiza. The best way to get inspiration and advice is to visit a specialist shop in advance.



Even if it is already in the nature of things to have enough green around you: To make the terrace really cosy and almost “homely”, it should offer a little more than just the view of the lawn. Our tip: Choose plants that match the design style. For example, oleander for a Mediterranean terrace design, bamboo and grasses if you have kept your outdoor area Asian, and herbs or lavender to emphasize the idyllic country house style. Don’t forget the tables, too: here an arrangement of small planted pots (always in odd numbers) gives a homely look.



In addition to the necessary and practical lighting on the terrace, small and decorative lights, lanterns and lanterns provide the extra cosiness.

Here again our tip: choose lamps that match the design style. Whether oriental or classic-modern lanterns from conmoto – you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in specialist shops. Garden torches draped around the terrace can also set atmospheric accents.

Fire bowls and fire baskets make things even cuddlier. In addition to providing light, they can also provide warmth and extend the time you spend on the terrace.