bedroom furnishing mistakes

A bedroom furnishing that is as comfortable as it is stylish is considered a high art of interior design. The golden rules that we now present to you will ensure that your bedroom becomes a true oasis of peace in no time at all. If you avoid the typical furnishing mistakes, you minimise the risk of turning the bedroom into a dark den or – even worse – favouring a storage room atmosphere.

We present the most common stumbling blocks and of course tell you how to successfully avoid them. So that your bedroom becomes a place of well-being and relaxation.


How the bed position influences the entire bedroom furnishings

The bed is the central focus of the bedroom and is the “main furniture” so to speak. All the more important that you feel as comfortable as possible under the pillows and blankets and can relax optimally. Amazingly enough, however, this has a lot to do with the position of the bed. The background is a psychological phenomenon. Many people feel uncomfortable if they have a door at their back or cannot see the exit and “escape route”. In addition, there are other individual likes and dislikes. Some people love to sleep close to the window, others are disturbed by a draught.

A furnishing mistake, which is also gladly made, is to push the bed into the corner. Of course, the position of the largest piece of furniture needs to be well thought out – especially in smaller rooms. But what works as a cosy cozy corner in the children’s room can be very impractical with double beds. Starting with cleaning, moving into the bed and finally getting in.

Hence our tip for successful bedroom furnishing: Before you position the bed in the room, lie down to test it. The easiest way to do this is with a mattress, mattress or blanket, which you place in every conceivable place in the room. Lie on it and check how well or poorly you like the perspective and how practical the respective location is in everyday life.


Wrong light in the bedroom…

… is one of the most common set-up errors. Cold light with a (too) high blue component makes the room look sterile and uncomfortable. It is better to use several and small light sources in the colour warm white. Professional tip: Indirect light. Whether behind the headboard of the bed, behind wall pictures and chests of drawers or under the closing strip of the wardrobe – there is no quicker way to create a cosy atmosphere. The reading lamps directly by the bed or on the dessert table, on the other hand, may be a little brighter. In combination with other (indirect) light sources, they give the entire room more depth. Read more facts and ideas about lighting design and lighting concepts here.

Must-have bedspread

Of course, the bedroom that is used daily does not have to look like in the furniture catalogue. However, from a certain level of disorder, the entire bedroom furnishings simply no longer appear inviting and cosy. But those who do not feel like wasting valuable minutes making their beds should simply lay a bedspread. This is simply thrown over the bed and thus elegantly hides the rumpled sheets. Our tip: choose a plain-coloured model in a shade that goes well with the rest of the furnishings.

The crux of the matter with the curtains

Of course, especially in the bedroom you need sufficient privacy protection in front of the windows. This is especially true for properties with an immediate neighbourhood. Nevertheless, the popular curtains made of heavy fabrics can quickly overwhelm the entire room optically. Fine and/or light-coloured fabrics are not always opaque, however.

Our tip: Passionate dark sleepers should rely on permanently installed external blinds. Those who prefer natural light and thus also want to help their biorhythm to take off, combine semi-transparent fabrics with opaque shade curtains.

Compensate for unfavourable room proportions

The room is too narrow, the ceiling too low or too high, the walls are crooked? Simply compensate for unfavourable proportions by cleverly using appropriate furniture. Little tips from the interior designers’ bag of tricks can help you efficiently. Do you live in an exclusive apartment in an old building with extremely high ceilings? Then set one or more walls in the bedroom in a different colour. This gives the room more atmosphere and depth. With low ceilings, the use of room-high storage furniture is a good idea. They kill two birds with one stone: they gain storage space and visually stretch the room. Your luxury problem is a huge bedroom? Then make use of the available space. King size bed with folding bench in front of the foot end, large carpet, designer armchair or couch, elegant chests of drawers etc. – the possibilities are endless.