bedroom design

A stylish and well thought-out bedroom design with high-quality furniture is the foundation of your personal oasis of peace. We will inform you about current bedroom furnishing trends, give you valuable tips for basic interior design, present selected manufacturers and designers of exclusive bedroom furniture and reveal the tricks of experienced interior designers.


Design your bedroom – our tips for your feel-good atmosphere

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and should be designed with special care. After all, only here you will find pure relaxation and necessary regeneration for body, mind and soul. To make sure that your bedroom also becomes an oasis of peace and relaxation, we have compiled the most important furnishing and design tips for you. Let yourself be inspired by our living ideas and the presented designer beds and prepare yourself perfectly for your visit to the furniture store.


The bed as a central element of your bedroom design

The bed is indisputably by far the most dominant piece of furniture in your bedroom. By choosing the right model according to your personal taste, the character of the rest of the furnishings is also automatically determined. In principle, two different approaches are conceivable here.

Option 1:

Choose a model that is as discreet as possible in a classically elegant design. Subdued colours such as black, anthracite, grey, brown or white and clear shapes such as those characteristic of Möller Design beds, for example, ensure calm and structure in the room. Then set creative (colour and shape) accents with chests of drawers, accessories, decoration and cushions.

Option 2:

You don’t want to do without an eye-catching bed such as the stately models from Treca Paris? Then arrange the other furniture and furnishings accordingly, use subtle colours and shapes and avoid wild patterns.


Stay within a colour family

The bedroom design is particularly harmonious if you keep the furniture and accessories within one colour family. Example: White furniture and white bed are combined with contrasting decorative elements and home textiles in different shades of blue. Contrasts are important, but should be chosen carefully in the bedroom to avoid creating too much unrest in the room.


Small color theory for bedroom furniture

The different effects of colours are scientifically proven. For the bedroom as a place of rest and relaxation, it is therefore important to keep your hands off red furniture or beds. The colour red has an uplifting effect and can prevent body and mind from coming to rest. However, soft shades of pink, blue or turquoise are considered ideal colours for the bedroom. The current trendsetter in bedroom design is the colour emerald.


Textiles – “Must-have” of the bedroom furniture

The bedroom should not only have pillows and bed linen. The effect of high-quality home textiles is particularly effective in this room. A noble carpet under or in front of the bed not only provides a plus of comfort but also warm feet. Semi-transparent fabrics in front of the window offer sufficient privacy protection while allowing enough light into the room. Matching them, selected in a discreet contrasting colour, heavier curtains provide an efficient darkening option.


Freestanding vs. installation

When looking for the right wardrobe and corresponding storage space, the fundamental question arises as to whether a free-standing piece of furniture or a practical built-in system is the better choice. The rule of thumb here is quite simple. In smaller rooms built-in cupboards make more sense, in larger rooms free-standing furniture is more effective. Particularly eye-catching furniture such as (antique) farmhouse cupboards should always stand on their own – otherwise the room will quickly look cluttered and unstructured. If structurally possible, a separate dressing room is an ideal option. There, intelligent cupboard systems can make ideal use of the available space, while in the bedroom itself only selected eye-catchers are used.


Atmospheric lighting concepts

The lighting in the bedroom should never be too bright and cold. Instead of one large light source, it is better to use several small lights and lamps. A trendy alternative to the obligatory bedside lamps or reading lamps are beds with discreet background lighting of the headboard. The indirect light conveys a very special warmth and feel-good atmosphere. And additionally gives the entire room a noble look and feel. Other indirect light sources – for example behind chests of drawers or built-in cupboards – make your furniture literally float.