autumn colors

Warm nuances in a rich spectrum: autumn colours offer a lot of potential for interior design. If you use the soft tones correctly, you can quickly create an above-average cosy and homely atmosphere.

Of course, it is hardly possible to adapt the entire interior design to the respective season again and again. But our tips will tell you how autumn can also inspire you when designing your home. And whoever wants to live so simply all year round.


From brown to red – use the variety of autumn colours, but do it right!

The list of classic autumn colours is long: brown, ochre, orange, yellow, red in all nuances and shades. Each colour on its own conveys cosiness, but especially in combination they unfold their full strength. The special thing about it: all autumn colours harmonise perfectly with each other. This gives you the freedom to use different shades on several levels. And all this without the danger of “biting off” or creating a Villa Kunterbunt look.

Our tip: Design a selected wall in the most unobtrusive autumn colour – so you don’t have to reach for the brush again in spring. Strong and bold tones such as orange or dark red are used for decoration and accessories. They can be quickly replaced if necessary. The basic rule is always: use the brightest shades for the most short-lived furnishings and elements. Towards main furniture and walls, you should then always be a little more discreet in order to remain timeless.

In the following we present the most successful concepts and ideas for the use of autumn colours.


Orange as a way of life

Yeah, orange is probably the color of autumn at all. But just as it stands for the changing seasons and colourful leaves, it also conveys pure joie de vivre. It would therefore be a pity to use this versatile colour only selectively and only for a limited period of time in the form of decorative pumpkins. Our example shows a bed from the high-quality manufacturer Möller Design, which is both autumnally cosy and timelessly elegant.


Earth meets precious metal

A particularly elegant combination and the only one on our list that at first glance does not seem “typically autumn”. Dark earthy colours meet shiny accents. Rich brown tones and a strong, dark forest green form the basis. The look is accentuated with lamps, vases, picture frames or other decoration in gold, brass or bronze. Our tip: The lamp beads of the British design label Innermost. Whether alone or in combination: Beads comes in absolute eye-catching quality and bathes your room in a warm light.


Vases and candlesticks in dark shades

Autumn naturally heralds the dark season. The days become shorter, the evenings longer. So it’s time to bring the joy of life into the house with fresh autumn flowers and light the candles in the evening. The right companions for this – vases and candleholders – are particularly good and rich in contrast in dark colours. If you like, combine them with a powerful orange and/or shiny gold, as in our example.


Carpets in autumn colours

A carpet in itself already provides more comfort in the room. It becomes particularly warm and autumnal when it is kept in the appropriate colours. Whether plain in a dark mustard yellow as in our example from Domaniecki Carpetence or colourfully patterned on a red base – just give it a try.


Autumn decorated trays

If you want to celebrate the autumn colours, but don’t want to buy a new table right away, you can use trays that are (can be) decorated accordingly. In our example by Rolf Benz, the tray with ID 941 designed by Johannes Steinbauer brings a portion of autumn atmosphere with it thanks to the brownish-orange accentuated recess. In combination with appropriate accessories or plants, you can specifically emphasise this look.