creative living tips cushions

You don’t have to buy new upholstered furniture or paint all the walls – our living tips can be implemented in no time at all and create a great effect.

It is often the small things that make a big impact – this is especially true in interior design. Find out how you can quickly create a new atmosphere in your home with just a few accessories. Our five creative living tips will certainly inspire you.


Comeback for the tablecloth

Tablecloths are only something for grandmothers or fondue evenings? Thought wrong: with the right specimens you can artistically wrap your wooden or glass table and immediately achieve a completely new look. Another advantage: by using different colours, structures and patterns, you can even influence the entire room effect. Let your dining area appear brighter and friendlier or serene and mysterious. If you think a classic tablecloth is a bit too much of a good thing, go for elegant table runners in muted colours instead. In this way the table can still have an effect on its own. By the way, this living tip is particularly suitable for fans of Scandinavian furnishing style.


Picture wall

The installation of a picture wall is one of the living tips that give your four walls personality. Whether in the hallway, in the dining room or even in the bathroom – whatever you like is allowed. Style your walls elegantly and discreetly with an even number of identical frames and similar motifs or turn the room dividers into eye-catching eye-catchers by hanging picture frames of different sizes in different shapes and playing with several nuances of a colour palette. Tip for nostalgics: use the picture wall as a pedigree. Either way: the effect will not be lost.


New cushions, different look

Sofa, armchair, stool and co. are happy about a new look. How to achieve this without much effort and with relatively small means? With new cushions. Whether colourfully patterned, wildly knotted or made of particularly fine materials with a unique feel – cushions not only set colourful accents but also a living room accent.


Embellish shelves

Bookworms know the problem: books seem to multiply by themselves. And of course the tomes look good on open shelves, but the room atmosphere quickly becomes restless if at some point everything is crammed with books. Hence our tip: Clean out your reading material and supplement open shelves with selected decorative objects and home accessories. Elegant vases, sculptures or pictures directly break up the library atmosphere and give the room a homely ambience.


Dimming instead of blasting

The atmosphere of the room stands and falls with the lighting. That is why the aspect of light should not be missing in our living tips. The ambience already looks completely different when lights are dimmed. After all, nobody wants lighting conditions like in the changing room within their four walls. Luminaires that are not equipped with a dimming function at the factory can often be retrofitted with special built-in dimmers. Alternatively, you may prefer to use strategically distributed, small light sources with a reduced intensity instead of having large luminaires in continuous use that could take on the sun at any time.