living tips

Our three living tips are characterised by one thing: they can be implemented quickly and can have a great effect. Because it doesn’t always have to be a new complete concept to make your favourite room shine in new splendour.

Even small measures with little effort can create an even more beautiful atmosphere and a fresh look. Our selected living tips are just three examples – just let your creativity run wild.


Living tip 1: Moving furniture

Sounds banal, but is highly effective. Because just a short time after the initial setup, you get so used to the position of the furniture that you almost think there is no other way. A fallacy, as actually everyone should know. Simply rearranging the “main furniture” such as sofa, bed or large shelves gives the room a completely new perspective and dimension. And above all, it gives you the feeling of having created something new.

You should try out the following ideas in this context:

  • Move furniture away from the wall – because the room is not a ballroom. So why have a maximum of free space in the middle where nothing happens? Leave a little space between the wall and the furniture or place selected pieces as a kind of room divider. You will find that the room has a completely different effect. You will also create new space – for example for stylish wall shelves.
  • U-arrangement – whether directly on the wall or slightly off-centre: an arrangement of the furniture in the form of a U has a particularly harmonious effect. In addition, different living areas (e.g. living and dining room) can be visually separated from each other.
  • Setting the centre in scene – give the centre of the room the perfect setting. In the living room it is usually the sofa, in the office the desk, in the bedroom the bed etc. Ergo, the focus furniture should also be placed prominently and should not live a shadowy existence in the last corner.


Living tip 2: Tidying up & cleaning out

Over the years a lot of things accumulate. At some point you wonder why the whole room radiates a certain restlessness. The simple and quick solution: clean out and tidy up. Apart from that, you’re right on trend with it. Since the Netflix documentary “Cleaning up with Marie Kondo”, tidiness is more in demand than ever. A good source of inspiration in this context is the popular Lagom furnishing trend. Here the principle applies: less is more. Why do you need three vases when you regularly fill a maximum of one of them?


Living tip 3: the new favourite piece

Anyone who thinks that the only way to give his room a fresh and new look is by completely redecorating is mistaken. Just one single (new) piece of furniture can give the entire room a completely different and fresh atmosphere. For one piece alone to be able to do this, however, it should already have a certain conspicuousness. Even better: absolute eye-catcher potential. Good examples: stylish armchairs with an unconventional design (example in our picture: model Gaia by KFF) or impressive sideboards in a rich, striking colour (example cover picture: model SOMA by Kettnaker).