dining room inspirations

Our three dining room inspirations are the result of an effective symbiosis. The two interior design giants KFF and Asco have been working together since the beginning of the year, pooling their expertise.

We present three equally trendy and elegant dining room inspirations that impressively prove: this combination could not be more perfect.


KFF & Asco – equal and equal joins gladly

What would a table be without a chair and what would a chair be without a table? The established design furniture manufacturers Asco and KFF thought the same way. The latter, which specialises in the areas of lounging, dining and high dining, was first looking for the right counterpart; a table manufacturer that also attaches great importance to top quality, the best materials and a timelessly elegant design language. And in the immediate vicinity of OWL they found what they were looking for. At the beginning of the year, in time for the imm cologne 2019, the whole world should know: KFF and Asco belong together like food and drink. Both are experts for unobtrusive, pure design and know how to create their products in such a way that design, functionality, comfort and quality are equal partners. And yet another circumstance unites both companies: the responsible use of resources and people. Thus, both companies are a perfect match not only in terms of their product philosophy but also their corporate philosophy.


Dining room look 1: Comfort meets steel

Perfect also for your old building: in this dining room inspiration the cosy KFF chairs of the ARVA collection meet the T-Table by Asco, which represents an extraordinary combination of solid wood and powder-coated steel. Obviously contrasting, the table and chairs together become a real eye-catcher and a place with a guarantee of well-being. Particularly trendy: the decision for two different colours and models (chairs and bench).


Dining room look 2: Natural cosiness

ARVA from KFF second. The cosy lounge armchair with ergonomically shaped laminated wood shell on a curved wire sled frame presents itself here in a very soft and light leaf green – and thus perfectly matches the asymmetrical solid wood table Mono from Asco. The result: a natural and inviting look that is absolutely timeless and radiates pure class.


Dining room look 3: Striking and distinctive

Probably the most extraordinary example of our dining room inspirations is dominated by the GAIA model by KFF and the table Nightingale – in this case also by KFF and designed by Nick Pyka. While the comfortable chairs from the pen of Italian designer Monica Armani are floral and thoroughly feminist, the solid Nightingale made of local oak wood embodies traditional craftsmanship and the love of natural woods with an individual grain pattern.